1. Insights Discovery : the personal profile

  • How can I help individuals understand themselves better ?
  • How can I help people have self-confidence ?
  • How can I encourage people to exploit their full potential ?
  • What if you could transform the way you develop your business ?

The Insights Discovery profile recognises that every individual is a unique being with their own style, needs and expectations.

In order to receive their profile, people have to fill in a questionnaire comprising 4x20 questions. They will therefore receive a document of over 20 pages that supports and facilitates both individual professional development and team development.
The profile acknowledges that every individual is unique. It recognises and appreciates the differences in teams, people and organisations.
Each profile comprises a ‘basic’ module covering the following points : potential strengths and weaknesses, value for the team, communication style, possible points ignored, opposite type and suggestions for progress.
The information provided by the basic module can be supplemented by additional modules which clarify the behaviour of individuals in their professional environment. These additional modules are ideal for encouraging and supporting a process of individual development.

The various modules

This module makes an interesting contribution to a management or leadership course. It enables each manager to become aware of his own management style and understand the needs of the people he leads in terms of their motivation, their working environment and the way in which they wish to be managed.

This module guides the individual further in the possibilities for personal development by exploring, among other things, personal creativeness, setting goals and the learning style. This module can be the guiding thread running through a personal efficiency training programme or coaching sessions.

This module describes how each individual approaches the various stages in making a sale, from preparing the contact to client follow-up.
It can be adapted to the specific sales process of each company.

This module is a one-page document that provides the recruiter with a list of relevant questions to ask the person they meet during a recruitment or internal mobility interview, etc.

“The Insights Discovery language has become a common language in society because it is easy and fun to learn, easy to remember, efficient and practical.”

  • Everyone is unique ... and so is every Insights Discovery profile !
  • A system of colours to make memorising easier.
  • A simple, positive language that everyone can connect to.
  • Reliability constantly checked and revalidated.
  • Helps everyone to better understand their personal style and how this acts on others.
  • Enables everyone to develop their personal relational qualities, groups to improve their team performance and organisations to create a culture of efficiency.
  • It is easy to understand and assimilate, guaranteeing more sustained use in the long term and therefore a greater possibility of change and evolution.

2. Insights discovery : Team dynamics

  • Would you like to develop and increase the team spirit in your organisation ?
  • Would you like your team to recognise the added value of each of its members ?
  • How can you ensure that your team works together efficiently ?
  • How can you be sure that your team works better together rather than each member working alone ?

Good team work starts with good relations. Each member of the team has to understand their role and the contribution they make to the group, and feel their added value in the team’s success. When the relationship is respectful and positive with a high added value, the sky’s the limit !

With the ‘Insights’ methodology, we offer you development programmes for : new leadership, organisational change, a stronger corporate culture, staff commitment and team efficiency.
The approach is based on better self-knowledge and knowledge of others.

Our team dynamics programme helps the members of a team to understand who they are and who their colleagues are, and to explore ways of improving their inter-individual relationships.
To do this, we prompt course participants to work on individual style, team dynamics and the different inter-individual relationships between members of the group. The Insights Discovery lies at the heart of the programme.

To sum up :

  • A model that is simple and easy to memorise.
  • Enables your team to quickly understand its strengths and its weaknesses.
  • Creates a positive environment and allows discussion of the differences, the challenges encountered and how to resolve conflicts.
  • Strengthens the message that every member of the group has a positive role to play in the team and contributes towards attaining the goal.
  • Enables participants to build an individual or a team plan of action.

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