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Mentoring refers to an interpersonal relationship of support, a relationship of assistance, exchanges and learning, in which a person with experience, the mentor, offers the wisdom they have acquired and their expertise to promote the development of another person, the mentoree.  This person has skills or knowledge to acquire and professional goals to attain.

A mentor has the following main responsibilities with regard to a mentoree :

  • To offer personalised guidance support to enable him to develop his managerial skills.
  • To share your experience, your working methods and your techniques with him.
  • To act as a motivator.
  • To provide feedback, particular when taking decisions.

The mentoree has a practical project to set in motion. He is prepared to receive advice, criticism and tips, and to embark upon a relationship of truth and honesty as regards his mentor. The mentor is available at least once a month and is prepared to place his skills, experience and network at the disposal of the mentoree.

Being mentored enables you to benefit from the expertise and support of experienced professionals.

This can help, among other things, to :

  • Benefit from the wisdom and background of an experienced entrepreneur.
  • Find support, a listening ear and the necessary encouragement.
  • Clarify your company’s development and growth targets.
  • Acquire new knowledge linked to your area of business.
  • Improve your company’s chances of survival.
  • Find a balance between your professional and personal needs.
  • Hone your entrepreneurial reflexes, gain a 360° view to take better decisions.

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