Social audit : How do you prevent a social inspection from turning into a nightmare ?

Are you not certain that you comply fully with Belgian social and tax legislation, which changes constantly, and would you like to make sure by correcting any deficiencies?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then a legal expert from B-Efficient – a company that specialises in HR solutions – can draw up a practical plan to ensure that you are in order, based on an analysis of your social documents and the current regulations.

This plan aims to remove the risks and make the most of the opportunities in your favour.

Legal advice and support

B-Efficient has a team of two specialised jurists, each with over 20 years’ experience (including at Partena, Alia-Acerta and UCM), and a lawyer specialising in labour law with over 30 years’ experience, who can help with any legal questions or advice relating to labour law and the protection of privacy and data.

For all legal questions, we offer a personalised ‘legal advice’ service. 
We undertake to answer your requests quickly by telephone or by e-mail.
This service is available with various formulas:

  • Specific interventions by our jurists
  • A standard ‘legal assistance’ subscription
  • Intervention by our lawyer 

GDPR compliance

To ensure that your company is compliant, our service range covers the following aspects :

  • Awareness of processing personal data.
  • Ad hoc information on the obligations imposed by the GDPR.
  • Structuring compliance.
  • Establishing a register of processing activities (data mapping).
    Prioritising the actions to be taken.
  • A data flows audit to determine the points to be improved to protect private data as well as possible.
  • Drawing up various documents on the basis of needs (subcontracting agreement, privacy agreement for staff and potential staff, data loss declaration form to be sent to the data protection authority).
Our approach comprises the following three steps :

Diagnostic > Action plan > Implementation

Our assets

  • A personalised, proactive approach.
  • Experts with advanced data protection expertise.
  • Pragmatism, flexibility and efficiency.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Many references.

All information passed on to us will be treated as confidential. 
We recognise that a great deal of data are confidential or personal. 
By filling in the purchase order, you agree that the information gathered can be used in the context of the request for GDPR compliance.

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