Boost your talents

B-Efficient positions itself as an alternative to the big consultancy firms, HR groups and self-employed workers by offering personalised human resources services adapted to both SMEs and big companies.

B-Efficient is a company that provides human resources management services and advice.  It started up in 2014, focusing on training and coaching. In 2017, Anne-Françoise Peigneux and Philippe Depaepe joined forces to extend the activities so as to offer personalised, flexible and competitive solutions for businesses in every field of human resources management.

With a team of ten experts (jurists, instructors, lawyer, certified coaches, mediator and human resources consultants), B-Efficient offers you practical and pragmatic solutions to boost commitment among your staff and ensure that your business grows.

B-Efficient is approved by the Walloon Region for business vouchers

“When we set up B-Efficient, we wanted to create an ecosystem dedicated to human resources management for businesses.”  

Our goals :

  • To help businesses make their human resources management more efficient.
  • To help people identify their career drivers to set them on the right career path and ensure that they want to give of their best.
  • To develop executives’ leadership skills so that they can set an example for their colleagues and prompt them to want to achieve the same goals.
  • To pass on our know-how to enable everyone to develop.

Our assets :

  • A personalised, proactive approach.
  • Experts with acknowledged certifications and many years’ experience in their field.
  • Pragmatism, flexibility and efficiency.
  • Multilingualism (FR/NL/EN).
  • Competitive rates.

Strong values that unite us :

  • Professionalism 
    As an expert, managing missions with method and rigour, fulfilling commitments and meeting quality standards.
  • Respect
    Respecting all the stakeholders, meeting deadlines and fulling the commitments entered into.
  • Integrity
    Managing missions honestly and ethically, showing respect for deontology and diversity.
  • Trust
    Winning the trust of clients, guaranteeing this so as to work transparently and with peace of mind.
  • Commitment
    Entering into a commitment to the client over time in order to achieve the expected results through total involvement. Displaying flexibility.