Salary policy analysis and optimisation plan

Would you like to optimise your salaries, but you can no longer keep up with the many changes in social legislation on alternative remuneration (expenses, company cars, bonus and profit sharing system, retirement insurance, etc.) and the reductions and premiums (exemption from advance tax for innovation, team work, etc.) ?
If the answer is ‘yes’, a legal expert from B-Efficient – a company that specialises in HR solutions – can draw up a concrete plan based on an analysis of current remuneration, to improve your salary policy by exploring every avenue to reduce costs for the employer and optimise the situation for the workers.

Payroll (wage management)

B-Efficient offers a salary calculation service based on personalised management, advice and speed. A supervisor is allocated to each client. This ensures quality and continuity of service. For a personalised service offer, please contact us.

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